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Custom order waistbeads

Solid Color $10

Rhinestones $15

Multiple Colors on one strand (no limit on how colors colors on one strand) $20

Charms $25

Double Strands $30

Swarvorski Crystals $35


Traditional African waistbeads imported from Ghana. Minimum order is 50 waistbeads. ( $8.00 USD per waistbeads)

Waistbeads business consulting

$50 per hour —  Set up some time with our CEO, Jennifer to pick her brain. Take advantage of a one hour session either in person, online, or even FACETIME! Do you have a waistbeads business and you need help setting it up? We can help you Queen. This is a new industry and we can help you connect the dots.

Digital products

Range ( $ 10-$99) — Waistbeads & Everything Sexy University is an online series of webinars, e- books, masterclasses, online e- courses and much more to help you unlock your potential. We are the #1 resources for waistbeads we will provide you with a wealth of knowledge so that you can get the most out of your waistbeadsbyJCE experience.

Shipping $7 flat rate