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We make, sell, wholesale and teach how to make African waistbeads. Our inventory is all handmade custom and made to order. Our mission is to provide Queens with confidence, self awareness with weight management control, and self love. Are you ready to get WAISTED?


Our Services

We make orders custom. You tell us the colors, charms, stones, crystals, and how many and we get busy. Our turn around time is 3-4 weeks from the time you secure your order with payment.

Waistbeads & Everything Sexy University is a online course catalog of e-books, webinars, master classes, e- courses, workshops to help you maximize all of the benefits of wearing waistbeads and all that comes with them. The courses will also provide essential information needed to start your own waistbeads business.

We sell waistbeads Wholesale. Do you have a boutique or an online store? Are you looking for a new product to offer your clientele? We have the resources to help you secure authentic African waistbeads from Ghana. The minimum order is 50 waistbeads. Please send us an email at for more information.

What are Waistbeads?

Traditional African waistbeads are a handmade piece of jewelry that were historically used to represent status, wealth, and femininity. The tradition of wearing wasitbeads date back to the 15th Century. There are some people that believe their origin started in Ancient Egypt, while others have opposing opinions as they believe the tradition started in West Africa. Different tribes, regions and cultures wear and celebrate waistbeads for various reasons. Historically waistbeads were used to celebrate rites of passage, menstruation, feminity, status within culture or village, pregnancy, healing, fertility, body shaping, womb protection, energy awareness, and weight management.

They can be worn everyday. You can shower, swim, workout and even wear your favorite SPANX! We make them for all sizes and we make them with clasp and without clasp. Today we wear and celebrate the culture by wearing waistbeads and spreading self love awareness. Waistbeads have many uses, they can be used to help monitor weight, self confidence, fertility awareness and intimacy.

How Do Waistbeads Work?

The waistbeads can be made with string that can stretch and string that does not stretch. The beads will rise on your waist when you gain weight and fall on your waist when you lose weight.

We make ordering waistbeads EASY!

No Clasp, No Measurements, NO PROBLEM!!

We make it easy to order wasitbeads by simply omitting measurements as a requirement to order. The difference between taking measurements and not taking measurements are simple.

Waistbeads with clasp: Need Measurements for a perfect fit. We recommend to measure right above your belly button for waist training. They are made with a clasp that you can twist so you can take them on and off easily. We make waistbeads according to the measurements that you provide when you order.

Waistbeads with out clasp: Your beads will not be able to come off once you put them on. They are shower and bath friendly. You will tie and cut them to fit you how you desire once you receive your order.


I am the Waistbeads Queen

I have all the techniques, skills and experience to help you get the basics! I am launching a series of online products to teach everything about waistbeads.


Traditional African Waistbeads Made with Love