Jennifer C. Evans, Owner & CEO

Many people ask our CEO what made her start making waistbeads? Her response “Have you ever been broke before” ? The struggle was all the motivation she needed…

Jennifer lost her job as a Customer Service Representative in 2015. After learning that she was not eligible for unemployment benefits she had no choice but to find a way to earn money to provide for her daughter. What started out as a hobby to make ends meet slowly turned into a business within 2 years. She started her initial investment with $70. She went to a store and bought beads and string and taught herself how to make waistbeads.

While aggressively looking for employment, Jennifer was working under the table at a urban neighborhood breakfast store as a delivery driver, selling Herbalife nutritional products, driving Uber, Lyft and making waistbeads. Started out making deliveries in her car and now she ships worldwide. She is determined to create new boundaries when it comes to creating unique experiences for her Queens. She uses Social Media to grow her online business and she sees herself as her only competition when it comes to the new and trending Waistbeads Industry.

Born & Raised in Philadelphia PA
Alumnae of La Salle University

“I don’t remember the prayer, I just know I prayed for the hustle”